Friday, March 11, 2011


Frugal Friday....

Being frugal seems to come very naturally to some and others not so much. I was the not so much one. It comes easy now but that is after many many many years of training. I took baby steps when I first started. I would try one thing a week for a bit then move up to a couple things. And eventually it came much easier. There were some that stuck and I still do today and there are some that I don't do and prob won't do again. I don't like reusing baggies. I don't use them that much and I hate washing them out and drying them so I don't. I do reuse the baggies that I store chips in because they are never really dirty. Here a few of my favorite frugal things that I actually enjoy doing I get a sort of frugal buzz from!!!

Baby frugalness

1. Using cloth diapers, I don't know why but I feel pride when I use them.
2. Using cloth wet wipes. I don't do the whole premoistend thing, I just have cut up receiving blankets and wet them when diaper rash here.
3. Making my own baby food and my own baby teething biscuits. This is very very easy. When you have something that is for dinner that would be great for baby just puree it and store it in fridge of freezer. I have already started doing this and freezing for when Jeremiah begins eating.
4. First thing I do when I get some new baby wash I split it up into 2 containers and do a half n half with it. Half wash half water. 1 bottle will usually last 1 year.
5. My newest frugal baby thing is breastfeeding, It makes me ill to think how much I spent on formula with all the other children and how much more I could have given to them. This is my greatest sense of pride.

Hope those help, Have a great weekend frugal friends, Michelle