Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stockpiling Sunday

I wanted to start today with Stockpiling Sunday. I stockpile, I do not hoard. I think you do have to be careful wether you are stockpiling or hoarding. Stockpiling is not about just getting stuff or just having stuff. I would not stockpile nearly as much as I do if I only had say 2 children. But I have 7 and It makes life so much easier and less expensive for me to stockpile OUR needs. I use coupons and sales (loss leader sales alot) to stockpile. I do not stockpile things we don't use or won't use, unless the item is free and I KNOW someone who will use it. I know alot of people that purchase week after week the free after rebate or RR's ( register rewards) from walgreen's, They get alot of diabetes monitors. I do not have diabetes nor does anyone in my family but the man across the street from me does and has limited income. I got him one 2 years ago for free after coupon and rebates.

There are many reasons to stockpile. I stockpile for several reasons. I have a large family and we go through alot of stuff each month. Shampoo, toilet paper, soap, laundry soap, food. I also stockpile because of cost. If I shopped for this large of a family every week without coupons and did not have my stockpile I can only imagine how much more it would cost me. I stockpile so that I do not have to run to the store more often then needed, This causes me to spend more money than I need to since I always have kids in tow and we know how they can run up a quick trip for bread. I also stockpile because I like the feeling of being prepared. If my income stopped or slowed down I at most times have enough food to last 3-6 months. Lately my stockpiling is helping with the rising cost of food. I see prices soaring on some items and I feel it is only going to get worse. So by having my stockpile at home frees me up to only purchase sale, loss leader items and coupon items. This varies my spending from month to month. Plus I can follow sale trends.

There are many pitfalls you can fall into by stockpiling so you need to watch yourself. Don't purchase things that you won't use or someone you know won't use. If you don't need 30 packs of toilet paper and have no where to store it it is not worth it. I have quite a bit of storage in this house and have a large pantry. The bathroom in our house was a bedroom at one point that was probably converted to a bathroom. It has a large walk in closet. We go through alot of toilet paper and I have a place to store it. We don't get sick much because of homeschooling and we do alot of things at home. So stockpiling large amounts of medicines that are free or free after RR's at walgreens although I have storage for room still just takes up space and is not something we use. What you will find in my stockpile are large quantities of cereal, My kids eat alot of oatmeal and cold cereals. Last month was a great month for cereal coupons and sales. I purchased most of my boxes and bags for less than $1. I purchased roughly 20 boxes and 20 bags. I also had the opportunity to get 20 boxes of ritz crackers for $20. I loveeee ritz crackers as does everyone in my family. I hope this helps a little with explaining why we stockpile and how it benefits us. I am getting my camera back today and I am going to take some pictures of my stockpile. Have a great Sunday, Michelle