Sunday, March 6, 2011

Manic Monday

Only 2 days in and I already love the structure. I am a structure girl, I crave structure!!!

Well today is Manic Monday. Today is about spring cleaning. I know I have the bug a bit early. But with 7 kids 6 at home ( although seems like the 20 year old still lives here haha) I have to start a bit earlier than some. I have a master list. It has about 100 things on it, from building some raised beds for gardening to washing up the summer clothes for the kids and everything in between. I make my list by room, then break that down into little 10-20 minute jobs I can do while the baby is napping or the kids are busy doing something. I have the bathroom broken down into 10 minute jobs as this is the amount of time I let the kids play during bath time. I can have my whole bathroom spring cleaned in about 3 bathing sessions. Everything else is written out like:
Livingroom- Clean out and organize bookshelf
Shelf #1
Shelf #2
Shelf #3

Diningroom- Clean out and organize Hutch
Top of hutch
hutch shelves and glass
Middle of hutch
Bottom cupboards and 2 drawers
Pledge entire hutch

This is the only way I can function to get anything done and it works so well for me. For 1, I get to see progress by crossing off things I have done and I love seeing scratch marks on my to do lists. For 2, I have alot of 5, or 10 minute down times but never have 30 minute or 1 hour down times.
My spring cleaning happens to coincide with my bi-yearly list so most every inch of the house gets done. Cleaning out fridge and freezers ( I clean these out quickie style every month, but 2 times a year everything comes out and drawers are relined etc.).
Couple of tips:
The smell is bad the first day, But if you clean most everything with vinegar or vinegar and essential oil. The next month will just smell so fresh and you know it is disinfected.
To frugal pledge your wood items use squeezed lemons and a little olive oil, I also use this to shine up my very very very old worn out wood floors twice a year.
Keep some boxes up against a wall at all times in atleast one room or as I have one set on each floor for Throw away, sell, donate or storage. This makes it so much easier to get rid of things when boxes are right there. I also have a box on each level for upstairs it is marked goes downstairs and downstairs is marked upstairs.

Hope these help good luck with your spring cleaning!!!!! I love spring!!!! Michelle