Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tipster Tuesday

I am trying to think of some tips that you don't run into every blog you go to. So they may seem a little different or off the wall or maybe you have read them 1000 times!!

Today's tip is snack baskets and dish and cup bin. These are tips to help you out if you have children. I take Sunday evenings and take all the leftover pretzels, potato chip bags, half a bowl of cereal bags or and snack leftovers, the two carrots in the bag in the fridge etc. I split these all up into snack baggies. I have 3 baskets that sit on the shelf in the dining room, These are snacks for the kids along side of it is the snack schedule so I don't have to hear is it snack time yet 10 times every day!!! In the fridge I keep a plastic basket on the bottom shelf with the yogurt,carrot sticks, celery with peanut butter, cheese sticks etc. So they can choose a fridge snack or a dining room snack.

They also have all of their kids plates, cups, plastic ware in a bin under the bottom kitchen cupboard. They can set their own place at the table, or get their own cups with lids without climbing on stuff and they can unload the dishwasher of their things and easily put them away. This really works nice for me!!! Good Luck Michelle