Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Buy Wednesday

I have shopping this week, I saw nothing in the sales ads that I needed or that were a great great price. Plus with the rising cost of gas and me driving a Yukon that guzzles gas, I have to weigh the deals to gas and whether or not I am willing to pay the gas for the product.

This is another great reason for stockpiling. If you have what you need in your house for even just a month or two, You won't have to run out and get things in a no shopping week. But if you do like me need say milk ( I know that a trip to the store for milk will wind up in at least $25 being spent) I send one of my kids to get the milk or you could send your less spendy spouse. Or I have before taken only exactly the amount of the item I had to have and left all money and cards at home. Michelle