Thursday, March 24, 2011

Good Buy Wednesday

This Wednesday I don't have too much but a few things + a few things I need.

Country Mart ( Coffeyville, Kansas)

Rice a roni 2/1 ( This is a crazy unusual price although I don't have coupons I am going to purchase 18 boxes and that will probably last years)

Nabisco snak snacks 2/3-$2 in coupons = 2/1

Hiland yogurt 2/.89 x10

Philadelphia cooking cremes $1.99-$1.50 coupon x11=11/$5.50

pictsweet steam veggies .99 -.50 x4=4/$2.00

pilgrims pride whole chickens .79lb x10 lbs $7.90

Marvin's grocery (Independence, Kansas)
act 2 popcorn 2/3-$1 coupon x4=8/$8.00

farmland lunch meat 3/5 -$.75 coupon =3/$2.75 x 6=18/16.50

green giant veggies in sauce .99-.40 coupon=.59x10=$5.90

Navel oranges 6/$1x3=18/3

Golden delicious apples .69lbx10lbs=$6.90

tangelos 4/1x4=16/$4

I am still working on my Walgreen's list I will post that separately tomorrow Baby is having a rough night with teething so gotta run soon. Michelle