Saturday, March 19, 2011

Survival Saturday

This Saturday I wanted to talk about Bug out bag or 72 hour kits for babies and small children. I personally find this to be the most important of my bags. These are the most important for my sanity. Just going to the grocery store unprepared with children can cause alot of stress I DO NOT want to be in an emergency situation and not be prepared with these little buggers lol

Babies Bug out bag

Wet wipes
2 Binkies ( pacifiers) ( you know how you always lose the first one cause it bounces on the floor and lands in the next county over!!!!)
Baby snacks
2 heavy sleepers
2 summer outfits
4 onsies
1 bottle of infant Tylenol
1 bottle of gripe water ( The last thing you want in a shelter or evacuation center is to be packed into a building like sardines and have a colicky or teething baby and noway to settle them or calm them)
A snuggly stuffed animal
1 musical or brightly colored toy to get and keep their attention
A snuggly very warm blankie
A thin receiving blanket
1 bpa free glass bottle ( even though I breast feed, It is just in case of anything)
I have 2 regular water bottles and 1 jug of nursery water
I have an extra baby carrier so I put that in there. ( In case of having to walk long distances this will be invaluable for carrying baby and leaving my hands free for other little ones)
A baby jacket with hood
10 cloth diapers, and pins and covers ( if it were to turn long term you will want these when no diapers can be found anywhere)
1 bottle vitamin drops
10 trial size bottles of baby lotion, baby shampoo, baby powder, baby oil. ( I just think how comforting it could be to smell a fresh baby and snuggle him smelling so good)
I also have 2 baby spoons and two jars of stage 1 baby food

That is my baby's bail out bag. Can you think of anything I might have missed?? I would love to know??

My Toddler and 6 year olds bail out bags Consist of
1 pair of jeans and a T- Shirt for each one
1 pair of shorts, Socks, 2 pairs of undies each.
1 of those add water washcloths sold at $1 tree for each one
4 water bottles each
1 box of the sugar free add to water bottle juice tubes for each
1 bottle of children's Tylenol for each
several snack bags for each ( cookies, chips, crackers, high calorie high protein snack bars)
A blanket for each one
A small pillow for each one ( I plan this year to make quillow pillows for each one)
A small stuffed bear for each one to care for and give comfort
Each one has a small baggie of toys to share with each other ( One has blocks, One has small toys that were from happy meals etc, One has a puzzle)
A color book and crayons for each one
1 bottle children's vitamins + 1 small bottle of vitamin C and Vitamin D3
A hooded jacket for each one
I have some cording in each one so that if we are in a crowded environment or building or walking I can tie a cord to them and to tie them to me to keep them with me and not wandering or getting lost. If I happen to be by myself this will be extremely helpful with 4 of them and only 1 of me.
2 bottles of baby shampoo and baby lotion for each one ( just to keep them clean and smelling nice)

That is their bail out bags, Anything I missed??? Please let me know. I will try by next week to post pictures of the bags so you can see them. Have a Great Saturday all and Stay Safe!!! Michelle