Saturday, March 12, 2011

Survival Saturday

There a alot of reasons to be prepared for anything. You just never know when bad things are going to happen. Noone wants to go through any of them but they do happen and things are alot easier if you are prepared.
At the very least everyone should have a bail out bag or a 72 hour kit. You should have one for every person in the house including children. I have one for each of us. We had a flood in our area 3 years ago. A really bad flood. Our house did not flood but half the city did. My father in law lost his house. My husband went to get him and they got out just in time. Unfortunatley he had nothing ready for an emergency so he lost everything not one thing was salvageable in the house, Because the flood flooded the refinery and everything was contaminated. It would have been nice if he had just had his important papers some pictures some clothing etc. Luckily he had us to live with but what if we were not there??
There are lots of ways to be prepared. Like I have talked about in a previous post, Stockpiling food and personal and first aid supplies ensure that in a crisis like losing a job or food shortages or rising food costs or worse we are prepared.
In the next few weeks I am going to talk about dehydrating, gardening, canning and other things you should know how to do. Getting back to basics. It is a bit of a fad right now but you can do things long term that will not only be enjoyable but great things you can teach your children. Michelle