Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dehydrating away

I have been dehydrating like crazy. I watched a video over at for making kiwi-strawberry-banana candy. I put that in the dehydrator last night and it is doing well this morning. Still has a few hours to go. I also have 3 trays of strawberries and bananas drying. For the candies you take a slice of kiwi, Squirt a little lemon juice on that. Put on top the kiwi a slice or two of strawberry, Squirt with lemon juice. Put on top that a slice or two of banana and squirt with lemon juice. Then sprinkle on a tiny amount of sugar. These come out like candy. I will let you know when they are all done and how the kids liked em. I know my oldest son can't wait for the bananas. He never has liked bananas unless they were dried ones, Go figure. I have asked the kids and hubby to pool together for Mother's day and maybe get me one of those food storage sealers. That would really help with storing longer term.
As soon as the fruits are done, I have been marinating steak in the fridge since yesterday and will give a go at beef jerky. I am not a fan of beef jerky but the kids and hubby love it.
My garden is up and running. In the end I chose to just plant in the ground like last year. With exception to a few that I planted in large pots. One being my tomatoes. I have to keep a close eye on tomatoes. I planted 3 tomato plants last year and never got one tomato off of them. The squirrels took them all. I have 4 tomatoes growing on one plant already. And if squirrels take them, atleast with the pots I can take drastic measures hahaa. It will be easier to secure the pots I think. I can move them to the corner of the front porch where full sun comes in and baracade them in. I am determined to have tomatoes this year. I can't wait to make sun dried tomatoes!!!! Happy gardening and Happy Spring, Michelle