Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter to All

I am saying Happy Easter to you all now. We are not going to be using the computer or watching T.V. this weekend. We never do the Easter bunny type Easter. We do resurrection eggs and we use that same concept to have a Jesus egg hunt. But mostly we just spend time together. I have caught heck from family for years over not doing Santa Claus or the Easter bunny but we are much too weird for them to even give us the time of day now so we don't have to deal with that. I remember our Holidays growing up as miserable, It was always about show, how we looked. It has never been about that with us, I made sure of that. We don't fuss about what we are wearing. Whatever clothes we have we wear. It so much calmer then any holiday growing up and I love it. My mom was here 2 years ago for Christmas. We were worried it was going to end up like past Christmases when we were around her. It was. It was horrible, nothing was perfect enough for her and she ended up throwing a huge fit, freaking out and screaming and left to go to a hotel. My kids were left with their mouths open and wondering what the heck happened. It was hard for me to explain to them when I really did not know what the problem was other then it was not perfect enough like a magazine. That will never happen again. None of our holidays are like that. And I wish for you this Easter a calm no fuss Sunday. Happy truly Happy Easter to all of you , Michelle