Friday, April 16, 2010

Thanks for the Prayers

I wanted to thank you ladies for the prayers. I was really worried the first day or two, I still am a little bit. I was excited last night that I was a little nauseated ( can't believe I said that hahaha). I feel like everything is ok. I don't know how to explain it, I just feel like everything is fine.

I have been working in the garden alot!!! Although I decided to just plant directly into the ground this year again instead of raised beds, Things are growing well. I did not buy plants this year like last year. I bought heirloom seeds this year and did a lot of research this past winter on gardening. I let the twins bury the potato seeds or chunks as I call them, and the plants are about 5 inches high now. The boys go out every morning and afternoon and pick the leaves that fall from the trees out of them and water them. They are really excited about their plants. I can't wait to see them get to dig up the potatoes!!!! I still have some watermelon, squash and more beans and pea plants that are ready to be transplanted to plant. I am hoping to get to that today. The only thing that I am keeping in a pot is the tomato plant. It is huge and has about 8 tomatoes on it already. I noticed this morning that my plant looked messed with. So I am going to have to barricade it today. The squirrels just won't leave the tomatoes alone. I just want one one little tomato this year and I will be happy!!!! I have had so much fun with my dehydrator. I can't wait to harvest some things from the garden to dehydrate. I made jerky last week and the kids gobbled it up in 2 days!!! It was so easy to make. I am definitely going to make more of that. They have eaten everything that I dehydrated. Jerky, strawberries, bananas and kiwi. They pass up the cookies to eat the dried fruit. Yeah!!! I can't wait to get a vacuum sealer so I can make bigger batches to have on hand. Have a wonderful weekend Michelle


Elizabeth said...

hi michelle!
i'm glad to hear things are better.

This dehydrating stuff sounds really's def. something i'm going to look into once my husband and i start having kids. its great that your litle ones like dehydrated stuff so much.

frugalredneck said...

Thanks Elizabeth, Honestly I can't keep up with the dehydrating, They are just eating up like crazy. My oldest just brought me over some strawberries she wants more dehydrated ones to take to work to munch on. I think I may be doing this everyday for the rest of my life and I am okay with that!!!!I just got done watching a tutorial on making dehydrated sweet potatoes, Where you rehydrate them into mashed, I am going to make up some big batches of these to make baby food out of. Michelle