Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I got a new toy!!!

I have been wannting to get a dehydrator for a few years now, But kept putting it off. I have been researching dehydrating foods for a few years now. It would be a great option for stockpiling and storing good fresh foods.
I just received my Aroma dehydrator from amazon yesterday. I had 4 $5 gift cards won through swag bucks, the dehydrator was 34.99 with free shipping. I am going to this years first farmers market this season this Saturday. I have a folder full of tips and tricks and ways to dehydrate. The best website I have found for dehydrating is The videos are excellent and thorough. There are much more expensive dehyrators that are better then the aroma one. But I was satisfied with the comments on this particular brand and the price was right. I gave it a quick try last night with some plain bagels to make bagel chips. I mixed the pieces with cinnamon and sugar. Woke up this morning and they were done. Two full trays and they are gone already!!!! I am going to spend this weekend drying fruits and veggies. I hope next week to venture into some beef jerky. If you have to cook have fun atleast, Michelle