Friday, March 25, 2011

Frugal Friday

I loveeee sometimes I think just a bit more then some other people ( in general) saving money. And here it comes the "But" part, sometimes we end up spending money to save money. You have to be really careful with stockpiling, couponing and searching sales. I believe in in all of these things. I could not have some of the things I have without doing these things.
But if you are not careful like I wasn't when first starting out you will spend way more and I mean alot more then you intended and not really save money. I had to learn this the hard way. That leads me to today at Walmart. They had jackets on sale for $2. This is not abnormal for Walmart or other stores to have sales these deep after season. But for many many years I would have bought them, OMG $2 jackets!!!! Now I stop and think and ponder most purchases. Do my boys really need those jackets, How many jackets do they have at home, Do I want any more clothes to wash which will lead to more spending for laundry soap electricity etc. Well my answer today was no way. They have jackets, One for every type of weather. I have 4 boys I would have purchased these jackets for if I did not stop and think. That would have been $8 and tax. I get giddy when I find a coupon while shopping for something I need that someone left behind or is attached to a product I am buying, Giddy over saving $.25 on something I was gonna buy anyway. So I do not want to throw $8 away on something that is not needed.
I love to coupon and sometimes when I see that there are several coupons that will get me free or really cheap items that I would be buying anyway I will purchase 8 copies of that paper. I have to be able to justify that $8, I have to be able to get my money back for the newspapers and still save money or make money. Some weeks I do purchase 8 copies but some weeks I only purchase 1 or none. If you are truly trying to save money or to be frugal which I might add is not a fad, it is most definitely a mind set and a way of life, you have to think about everything you buy.