Thursday, February 25, 2010


I started this blog to just write about my life and maybe share some recipes or some ideas that I had with others. I never started this blog to make any money. I have not made one dime. I don't care if I ever do. I don't pay much attention to punctuation or writing styles when I write. If this blog is hard for some to read, I really don't know what to say. I am usually writing this holding a kid or doing 20 other things at once, You get spellcheck from me and that is about all I have in me right now. I do home school my children, yes I do. correct?? I can only go by my children to see that I have done well with them. My oldest daughter 19 beat out 91 applicants in our small town for the job of new librarian. 91 people in this economy. A library even. She is 19, has her own apartment and has full benefits making a salary. I don't believe I have done too awful at teaching my children the English language. My oldest son who is 17 has his own computer business and makes fairly decent money for a 17 YEAR OLD. I implore you, do not come to my site if you want perfect E N G L I S H and punctuation, cause it ain't here notice the use of the word ain't, that's the redneck that came out there. My life does not infringe one bit on anyone. This is of course in response to the commenter of the nasty comment on my last post. Don't read my blog I could care less. I absolutely love the people that I get here, I follow their blogs as well. And I hope once they get through my crazy English they still like me anyway. I can warn you (commenter) being this is not a for money blog, I really don't care about offending you or you posting nasty remarks about me somewhere else. I only care about the ones who are bringing something to me and getting something from me, Just to share oops my bad capitalized after a comma. I have just a few followers who are just about the greatest ever, I <<< an I , I had no choice but to capitalize that, They give me answers when I have none, Share new things with me that I never even realized were out there....Scottishtwins you know I am talking about you lol So commenter who is comments anon go bother someone else, Thankfully for you you, you won't have to support my children or me, Now move on to someone elses blog, Because as I have stated now thrice this is not a money blog and I will say whatever I want on it. To my blogger friends, Sorry bout this, I am hormonal and this got me real pissy. Gotta run not feeling well again. Michelle


Elizabeth said...

Hi Michelle,
I found your blog thru another blog. I just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog just the way it is! Its more honest to me that way. Some of these other blogs that are out nowadays just seem so strict and structured with the way their written.


ps. If it makes you feel better, while I may type well, when I get excited and start talking, I sound just like boomhauer from king of the hill : )

Elizabeth said...

Don't listen to mean comments, I'm sure all of us bloggers have them now and again (I know I have!). I like your writing style!

frugalredneck said...

Omg Elizabeth, I am a fast talker too and sometimes I probably sound like boomhaur too. I typically tend to write like that too, I have ADHD and I usually have so much going through my mind and I get excited to write it down!!! There are alot of blogs that I really like, But like I said, This blog is just me. All my imperfections, Just to connect with all of you in my own way. I probably did not need to post on what the commenter said, But it made me feel better hehehe. I tend to get a little snippy when it comes to the homeschooling issue. Mostly because everyone has misconceptions about homeschooling. I am going to do a post on why I chose to homeschool, Maybe tonight. I am off to my first OBGYN appt. 50 miles away, Wish me luck!!! And have the best day Elizabeth I really mean that!!! Michelle

Scottish Twins said...

What is wrong with people?

And by the way, don't they know not to mess with a pregnant woman?!


Mary said...

I can understand why you would be offended. The thing is, I think some of us are a bit concerned about your own judgement skills based on the comments you leave on Emily's blog. You think that whackadoodle's ideas are just wonderful. Others have already replied to the comments you leave (on Emily's blog), saying that you must be insane too, to think that she is making good choices. Other people (again, on Emily's blog) have also commented on your horrible grammar, stating that you are the last person who should be schooling children on how to write. So nope, that wasn't your "first mean comment." If you want people to stop judging you, I suggest you stop your love affair with Emily.

Anonymous said...

I was without internet for a couple of days and I return to your blog (one of my fav's to read) and see that someone has been horribly rude to you. I love your attitude and your response. I cannot for the life of me understand why people read blogs and then make all the rude comments (i have seen this happen with the blogs of others too). I mean, gheesh, if you dont like it, stop reading it!

I, for one, LOVE your blog and you make me smile each day. I thank you for the time and effort you put into it.

Sorry I am anonymous but I dont have a blog.

But you know, I always sign at the end...


Oh yeah! Happy belated birthday, hope it was a great one. And CONGRATS on the upcoming addition to your family too!!!!!

frugalredneck said...

Awww you ladies are so sweet, You make me feel really great, I hope I can do the same for you. Dr.s appointment went well today, I really liked the DR. I had to find a new one because mine moved away. Anyway he is going to do an ultrasound in 10 days to see what I got cookin in there!!! I will be sure to let you all know. We left this morn at 11 and did not get back till 5 tonight and I am tired, tired, tireeeed. Have a peaceful night, Michelle
One more thing, I am just going to choose to ignore this person on here, if it starts to bug anyone I can figure out how to do that comment block thingy, Just let me know. I now see that it is from emily's blog and I am just choosing from here on out to ignore them, I said my peace. And I would rather spend my time getting great advice from you girls anyway!!!OH and jayce thank you hun, I really appreciate you leaving your name, I love calling you all by your names, It makes it much more personal. I call scottishtwins that because of the Twins in it lol But am very aware that her name is Jessica!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm really laughing out loud here. I'm a BFA in Creative Writing student and the written word is very important to me. But I love how when I read your blog, I feel like you're really talking to me. Would paragraphs help? Yeah. But pffft...I hate when people get all uppity about other people's blogs. Give me a break. Life is too short for that. I love your blog, and I'm looking forward to hearing about your pregnancy!