Saturday, February 13, 2010

Up all night!!!

Well I have been resting off and on so much over the last few days with being sick, I knew all the rest would catch up with me!!!! All kids are doing better and recovering, I am feeling quite a bit better tonight, Finished up the last of the cleaning, So I am feeling less like I am surrounded by dirty germs hahaha. Tonight I will be working on Laundry, I stripped everything from every bed every pillow everything and am in process of washing it. Plus I have not done laundry in a week, So I have mountains to do. I should at least get it all washed tonight. The only thing I could not get was the baby's "Pretty" that is what he calls his blankie, Which is probably the starting point of disease!!!! I am going to try and sneak up in a few.....borrow blankie for 1 hour, wash disinfect with some vinegar in the wash....dry as quickly as humanly possible.....get back in his arms before he smells it is gone!!! Wish me luck with that. I always thought kids having a blankie was too cute, And at first I thought it was adorable that he did too. Ok I still do, But when we have to drag that thing everywhere and some people look at me like put that thing out of its misery and I have to beat it with a box of spaghetti in the pasta aisle cause it growled at someone(bahahahaha, Oh well he loves it, makes him happy!!!

I planted some more seeds today, The other day I found some cute as can be metal planters from dollar tree. I planted some more lavender because I knocked over my other one and the seeds did not germinate. I planted tomatoes, lavender, vidalia onions and more green peppers. My window is getting very full. I love looking at it and all my seeds growing. The other night I found a link to $20 off $40 from I have been wanting some organic seed non gmo to plant. I purchased
organic bean bush blue lake
organic Nantes carrot
organic renegade spinach
organic sweet cucumber
organic baby sugar watermelons
organic progress peas
organic broccoli
organic Paris romaine lettuce
organic hales best melons
organic big max pumpkin
organic fordhook giant Swiss chard
organic luscious corn
Total: $32.85 including shipping

The only one I am skeptical about is the corn, I thought I had read somewhere unless you buy heirloom corn, you can't be sure it is not GMO. I am gonna have to do some research on this one. I may be returning that one.

I am so excited about this year's garden, Last year being my first and my learning year, I did not do to well. I have spent this past year researching, learning and reading all I can. I think I will do alot better this year, Especially with some container gardening and the raised beds. I am still not rushing out to purchase all the canning supplies needed until I see I am doing better with this garden. It would be a dream come true to have my pantry stocked full of my own garden goods all canned by me!!!! Happy wishing for spring to come soon, Michelle


ohiomommy said...

Glad to hear you are all feeling better :) You are on the ball getting some seeds started. I plan to do that in the next week or so too. I just got my heirloom seeds yesterday and can't wait to get them started. If you don't have much luck with your garden or even if you do, try doing a google search on local produce auctions in your area. You may be surprised at what you can get at those auctions. I discovered one pretty close to me last year and it's awesome! I used it to supplement my huge garden. My tomatoes weren't producing as quickly as they could have so I bought several bushels of tomatoes for sauces and such to can. Just a thought and good luck with the blankie, lol. My daughter had one of those too, so I understand completely :)