Monday, February 22, 2010


I am sure it is this horrible nausea, But I am already planning. I have correctly predicted each gender of each child even the twins. The ultrasounds were all correct....except the last one. The Dr. did 6 ultrasounds because I kept telling her she was wrong. She said girl I said hmmmm no I am sure it is a boy. Well she assured me with 150% that is was a girl. I gave all the little boy clothes away and bought all girl stuff, A sea of pink. Not to my surprise but the to the Dr.s surprise out came Matthew Mark., Not a girl. So mad dash to the resale shop to get boy clothes. This time I think we will get the 3d ultrasound just to be sure. I want to be prepared this time. I was thinking about all the baby food I could make from the garden stuff this year. Thinking about things I have never done, Things I have done, and making a list of what I will try to do.
I am going back to cloth diapers. I switched with the last one to disposable and still like cloth better and they are cheaper.
I am going to try and breastfeed this time. I have never breastfed any of my children, I want to try.
I want to make my own babyfood, I have never done this before.
I carried the last baby in a babywearer and was never happier, I will definetly do it with this one too.
This is just my starting list hahaha, You would think I have never done this before. I just know that at 39 tomorrow, This may be the last one and lets go out saying we have atleast given it all a shot once. The breastfeeding has always freaked me out. I am going to do it this time!!! OOp feeling sick again, gotta run good night all Michelle


Elizabeth said...

You can do the is (usually!) much easier than it seems! And much cheaper and healthier. I suggest trying to locate a Le Leche League in your area as those meetings are wonderful. But just read up on it and ask lots of questions, it will come naturally. :)

SarahLynne said...

Hey, you're in luck. ;) It just so happens that I'm the local LLL leader for Indy. I have a huge library of books that can help you out. If you want to start coming monthly, you'll be well equipped by the time your baby(s) is born. Or if you don't wanna come, I can still help with information or anything you need in regards to breastfeeding. WTG for planning to breastfeed this time! If you can do all this other stuff that you're talking about on your blog, I'm sure you can breastfeed just fine, too!

frugalredneck said...

Ya know to be honest with every single one of my kids it felt like I should,But from reading my blog I have talked about my mother being ahem, difficult. She has since I was little said how gross it was and unnatural and that it was something dirty. I remember her making snide remarks to women breastfeeding their babies. I am honestly ashamed that it took me till 39 years old and 6 babies in to realize she is a nutcase and I really do feel guilty for not doing something that I know now I should have done for my children. I really WANT to do this. Sarahlynne, how is that not fate or divine that I, In one week, Find out I am pregnant, Join the Indy group, decide to breastfeed this time AND you are the LLL leader. I am doing it!!!! THANK YOU Michelle (A closet wannabe breastfeeder who really was jealous of all those mom's who breastfeed)

momtoqts said...

Once you get the hang of BFing it's a breeze. So much easier than messing with bottles and formula. Just trust the instincts God gave you.

Scottish Twins said...

Breastfeeding is so wonderful! It can be hard work, but it is so worth it.

I had no idea you were pregnant. Congrats :)

Eleanor Joyce said...


frugalredneck said...

Thank you all so much. I think I know I am pregnant now at the time of conception lol. But I wanted to wait until 1 month before I said anything. I know the usual waiting time is 3 months, But I have no patience. Thank you all I am very excited to have another, I did say to God, God... Really, are you sure you are watching the right mom down here, Cause maybe you were watching the wrong house, Cause I am nuts!!!! And I think I heard God say, Michelle you crack me up and have lots more to learn. So I said OK God I trust you. I am not that worried about the breastfeeding, I probably should be. I took to heart what sarahlynne said and thought yeah If I can do all that I have done, Well yeah I can do this and I really really really really want to . Thanks again to all. You all are the greatest!!!

Sabrina said...

Well, you go away for a couple of days, and you miss HUGE news! Congrats! And you CAN breastfeed. It's not easy in the beginning, even down-right hard, but after the first two or three weeks, it really is the easier way to go. Just be determined to hang in there and not give up! :)