Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Not frugal

I read some things that people do that are completely not frugal at all. Most everyone has them I am sure. My hubby is a cokeaholic. This is not negotiable with him. I do get it with coupons and use, But it is still a non frugal expense. I do play games on down time at, They have a place to play for free, But I use to play the pay side except I use free month codes from mycokerewards so I don't have to pay anything, So I do stretch that coke out alot. We also recycle the cans, although you have to have alot to get a buck!!! When I can't get coke on sale , I will buy the generic, Or I will buy Pepsi etc. This week I got 15 packs of Pepsi/mountain dew, 3 bags of Doritos and 2 bags of baked lays chips for $30 after register rewards. This amount will last a long time.
Our car is not frugal in any way shape or form. I loveeeeeeee my car. We did buy it used. We have a 2001 fully loaded YukonXL. We bought it a year ago. It was a great price, It was the dealerships owners car. It was in perfect condition. It is the first vehicle we have owned that fits all of us at one time. We did not pay cash, But will have it paid off in 3 years total, so 2 more to go. It takes alot for gas, But we don't leave town that much. I would defend this purchase to my death hahahaha I love this car!!!!! And by taking care of it, we plan on having it for a long long time.
By doing the frugal things I do, I can do a few non frugal , things we like things, This works for me. Most of what we do is frugal. And we give up things that other's never would. We don't do vacations, Only vacation we have ever done is when we moved from California to Kansas, We planned a little something in each place we stayed, But all were free or donation museums etc.
We never go to the movie theaters with the exception of a few times when I get tickets for free, But that is rare. We don't miss these things. Don't even think about them.
I thought for a few years my kids were wishing we were different, But I learned that was not the case. My oldest who moved out on her own at 18 ( 1 year ago), Uses coupons, buys clearance, calls me to tell me where this or that is on clearance or when something is an amazing price somewhere!!!! She dumpster dives for furniture then cleans and polishes it up. Her latest frugalness that made me smile was.....She purchased a couch she really liked for $5 at the thrift store, But hated the material and the holes in it. She went to walmart who is getting rid of their fabric department (makes me sad) she purchased enough material to recover the couch for $10 including the price of the couch. It looks awesome!!!! Along with her dumpster recovered coffee table all polished up, and her thrift store decor, The room looks great!! She loves loves loves clothes, Although she buys all her clothes on sale, She likes new clothes. She has learned that if she does frugal things she can afford the clothes she wants.
My 17 year old son has been a dumpster diver since he was old enough to haul things home. I think he has gotten me more of my furnishings then we have. He has an eye for good stuff. He has self taught himself to fix computers. He has run a little business out of our house since he was 14, People from around town bring their computers to him. He lovessssss computers. By learning how to fix computers and update them etc. He has made enough money to have a brand new computer, purchase all the upgrades he likes using eBay for parts, and purchase his own laptop. He has learned to do something he loves to get the things he wants.
My 14 year old shows the most resistance but she is learning.
My twins are the cutest to date, They ask if there is a coupon for everything!!! The love my coupons, They find coupons everywhere, They can smell em. On packages, in stores, everywhere. They love the used stores. Jacob loves clothes. He will walk into a used store and come up with a complete outfit including sweater and shoes!!! He has been doing this since he was 3. At five years old, They have already learned that they can save and be frugal too.
They are our can savers. We purchased one of those can smashers and that is their job. They get to keep the money and spend it. They get completely bent out of shape when someone throws a can away.
This makes me very proud of my kids. They don't waste stuff. They are trying to be green and save money. They all want to own their own houses with no house payment, or a piece of land (my 17 year old). My daughter is going to look this year for a house. She just started her new job yesterday, She is our town's newest librarian. She has worked at walmart for the last 2 years. She is so excited about this new job, She loved it yesterday. She was making $7 an hour at walmart getting only about 30 hours per week. With the librarian job she makes $25,000 a year, with medical and dental insurance. The library is one block from her apartment, so she can walk. She is 19 years old, I think she is doing very well. The administrator said there were 91 applicants, She beat them all out, Mainly because of the two managers at walmart who gave her stellar references, Although they did tell the library they did not want them taking her away from them!!!! hahaha.
She has reaffirmed to me that what I am doing is good, It is right. Happy child rearing, Michelle