Thursday, February 18, 2010

No Go on the house

No, no go on the property. It could have been worked with, for the money they were asking, But as we were looking, 3 older neighbors came up and started telling us, If you buy this property we don;t like this and we don't like that, And you have to have this so much from our fence. No thank you, No place is worth that, We have that now. So we keep looking for what we are looking for. No biggie. I am feeling icky tonight gonna go be lazy daisy on the couch, Have a great night all, Michelle


ohiomommy said...

Sorry you decided against the property, but understand why. We live in a very small town with one acre (we have the largest lot on the block). Neighbors can be... well, a pain I guess. We would love to find our homestead in the country too, so I wish you all the best in finding yours :)

frugalredneck said...

Thanks Ohiomommy, I have said in a previous post that we have a neighbor that is a whole lot less then neighborly, There is no way I would invest the time, money, sweat and tears into redoing an entire place again just to live with that again. What we are looking for we will find I am not worried. Sorry your neighbors are a pain, I know how that can be, really I do!!! Michelle

Wretha said...

Be verrrrryyyyyy glad that you found out about the neighbors before you purchased the property, that's so important, you can have the perfect piece of paradise, but if the neighbors are less than friendly, it makes everything go sour.

Keep looking, you'll find a better place. :)