Saturday, February 13, 2010

The sickness of '2010

This will be remembered as the sickness of 2010, I hate hate hate it!!!! I get a bit angry when we get sick, Which is not often. I drove daughter to work today and just looked at everyone like germ breeders (aren't I a lovely ray of sunshine today!!! hahaha) I do not like to be sick, It is a waster of time, it is expensive if serious and I hate to feel cruddy and worse breaks my heart to see my babies sick. The baby is doing fine, He is all but over it, Myself and the 3 older ones are doing better but I still feel way worse then I want to feel. The only ones not to get this are the twins and hubby, Hopefully they just avoid it all together, I scrubbed every inch of this house with bleach to kill everything and I doubled them up on Vitamin C , D3, ecchanacia and probiotics. Anyway just wanted to let everyone know I will probably be back in full force tomorrow, One more night of resting here for me. Have a quiet evening all, Michelle


Anonymous said...

Feel better soon. So NOT fun when the entire house is passing germs around. My best to all of you.


shaunta said...

I'm not usually a huge germaphobe, but after I had Ruby I saw everyone just like what you said. Like a bunch of germ breeders. I made my poor husband stand force anyone who came to see her use hand sanitizer and I almost had him convinced to spray their clothes down with Lysol (he finally convinced me that they would be holding the baby against their clothes...Lysol might not be that great.) I was nuts for about a month, and then back to normal. That didn't happen to me with my other kids. I would have thought it was having a winter baby, but her brother was born in December, too. (Course I had a 18 month old when he was born and was just too tired to care maybe.)