Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Scarlet fever

Okay I just got done saying in a comment to the last post about the baby, He has had this low grade fever since Thursday, I attributed it to teeth or just fighting something. He never slowed down. Then on Saturday he started not eating very well, But he is 2 he has days where he just throws everything cause it is more fun. Then Saturday night he got this "cold" sore thing. Then Sunday he got another "cold" sore thing. Then today he woke up from his nap covered and I mean covered in this rash. It kinda freaked me out, So we called the DR. , He wanted us to come in asap, and to come in the back entrance. What in the world!!! I said okay. We get there, Dr. comes in looks at the rash, looks at his throat, and says hmmmm has he been eating well. I said well no. She says his throat and the inside of his mouth is covered in blisters. He has scarlet fever. I did not know people still got scarlet fever. I was horrified. Then she said how contagious it is, Then I thought Oh no, My oldest has been sick with sore throat for 2 days, We took her in, Yep scarlet fever!!! You have to take augmentin for 24 hours at least before going back to work or school or out until you are not contagious anymore. She works at the public library, The administrator of course did not want her to come back in until Thursday. I honest to god, Never ever ever would have thought scarlet fever, I would have been less shocked if you hit me with a brick. Apparently it runs quite ramped in hospitals, And they can only assume that he picked it up at the hospital 8 days ago when he had his thyroglossal duct surgery. Scarlet fever is a Strep infection, It is Strep on steroids. Have any of you heard of or known anyone to have scarlet fever in the past 100 years, haha. Anyway he will be fine as long as he drinks, If he gets dehydrated he will have to go to the hospital and that is no problem for him, he is drinking and eating Popsicles like mad. The rash just looks horrible. The only thing is the contagiousness of it, I am watching everyone cause there is a good chance as far into this as we are, Everyone may get it. I also have to wash everything in the house down with bleach water, wipe on, Don't rinse. I asked about vinegar, But I guess that this is one of several viruses vinegar does not kill. I did get out of pain killers or anything for the throat as far as medicine, She totally agreed with the salt water, gargle or swallow little bits. Or sipping on , Hot water mixed with apple cider vinegar and some honey. She also said that yogurt and even better my homemade yogurt is awesome for cleaning out the virus in the stomach, intestines and other organs, The probiotics are good for all that. YEAHHHH Those two things cut out two prescriptions for him, and allowed us to go natural, That made me very happy. Unfortunately I understand he needs the antibiotic for the scarlet fever itself.

I was going to post on something else tonight, But will save it for tomorrow night.

I wanted to share this with everyone so they know this is still going around, Incase they were uninformed as I was. I am also posting a picture of the baby, So you can see what scarlet fever looks like on him. He had no rash going into his 1 hour nap and woke up with it, So it appears fast, Mostly on the face and torso, And like marbelizing on the extremeties.
Scarlet fever left untreated can cause liver failure, kidney failure, heart problems, deafness, and death. Scarlet fever may be a high temp, But often is just a low grade temp that lasts for several days erupting into the rash, The rash is just a symptom, a later symptom. God bless to all tonight, Michelle


Blessed said...

Poor things!

To make you feel better, I was just reminiscing today with another blogger about how my first daughter, when she was in kindergarten, was just kinda poorly for a week or so, and so finally I took her to the dr and she had a raging ear infection (her first), pneumonia, and there were other symptoms that had the dr puzzled until the rash broke out later that same night--yep, scarlet fever!!!

Seriously, it was not like my child was on her deathbed before I took her to the doc--she did not seem that sick. But I sure felt like mother of the year when I left the drs office!

I hope the kiddos get well fast!

This is my first time visiting your blog--I was catching up over at Scottish Twins and the title of this post caught my eye. : )

frugalredneck said...

Thanks blessed, I did feel like a heel, Since I had just posted how wonderful he was doing and got away with no antibiotic, Posted that one over at scottish site too lol That'll teach me to speak to soon. Yes he is doing much much better, and the rest of us are doing ok, Thanks so much for stopping by!!!!! Come again, Michelle