Sunday, February 21, 2010

No spend month getting real close

I am excited excited excited. I have pumped us all up big time. We paid off (with the use of tax refunds) 11 collections bills in January and February spending just like usual, I can't imagine what we can do with a no spend month. Last year we thought there was no way out but bankruptcy. I just could not do it. For myself I find bankruptcy morally wrong. Those bills are mine, I made them, I chose to no one made me. To just walk into a court and have them say wheeee all your bills are gone!!! I don't think that is true if you really think about it. Because that debt goes somewhere, It is passed on to consumers in higher prices. Plus with the small businesses just trying to stay afloat. I can't be a part of helping them go under. This is once again my standard for myself, I know that alot of people file bankruptcy, there is just no way out for them. Our situation is a little different. My husband makes a ridiculous amount of money for where we live. Our house is paid off, We have no house payment. We have no credit cards. Our debt was from years of living like idiots. Irresponsible spending. I have a confession to make, I was scared into paying my bills. I really never wanted anyone to know this about me. But here goes, I hope it helps someone to understand a little better that things are no longer like they used to be nor should they be. I am a law abiding citizen, I have never had a parking ticket, I have never been pulled over nada zip. This last year at 38 years old I went to jail. We were hiding somewhat from all the stuff coming in, saying we can't pay it so just ignore it. Well there was a summons for me to go to court over a hospital bill. $642.00 . I did not go. One night at 2am they came for me. Two officers came and handcuffed me and took me to jail. I have never seen the inside of a jail, I cannot tell you how scared I was. My husband was at work 4 hours away, He had to be called home to bail me out and get the kids from my oldest daughter. I spent 8 hours there. I was booked. I had to strip down, shower in cold water, Put on jail undergarments ( previously used but clean) and an orange jumpsuit. Then I was taken to my cell where another girl was that did not go to court for a bill. I had to go to the bathroom in front of her and in front of cameras. I cried the entire 8 hours, hysterically at times. The guards did feel sorry for me and the others, saying it was ridiculous that those of us that had never ever been in trouble were in here for a bill, But it was happening more and more. And the bottom line is this was our fault, We made the bill, We ignored it, and We paid the price. When I went to court that next week to pay the balance, The court room in our tiny little town was packed to the hilt with people who owed dr. bills or hospital bills. These companies can no longer let these go, They need the money. I will NEVER go through that again or put my family through again. I don't care how much we have to go without the "extra" things in order to get OUR debt paid off. But by January 1st of 2011 we plan to be debt free. I hope no one judges me too harsh for being honest, No one can judge me worse then I have judged myself over this. I wanted to be honest with you about debt and how the system is changing to force you to pay your bills. I panic every time I hear a car pull up outside now, I can't live like that anymore. I am choosing freedom. Hoping to help one person not go through what I went through, Michelle


Anonymous said...

Bless you....bless you for your honesty, your integrity and your plan of action. You are awesome!!


frugalredneck said...

Thank you jayce, I was and still am a bit nervous about posting that. It leaves alot of room for serious judgement and that scares me sometimes. But If I believe that everything happens for a reason (Which I do) then I have to believe we had to go through something like that to have our eyes opened! Thanks again Michelle

momtoqts said...

That must have been so hard and scary! I bet it feels good to get that weight off your shoulders.

When you have time, would you post your yogurt making method? I looked up the video you linked to but it has been removed.

- Nicole

frugalredneck said...

Just posted that for you momtoqts, If you have any questions just ask and I will answer you back quickly. Good luck and have fun and you will be eating your own yummy yogurt soon!!! Michelle

SarahLynne said...

wow...I'm sorry you had to go through that. I can imagine how scary it must have been. Congrats on getting back on track. We've made some stupid financial decisions in the past and luckily we learned from them, like you are doing. Some people never learn!

frugalredneck said...

I got scared into learning! Thanks for the comments , really thank you. Michelle