Sunday, February 14, 2010

Potatoes Potatoes and more Potatoes

These french fries are easy, Just cut them how you like your french fries, soak for 30 minutes in cold heavily salted water, Drain well, Place in baggies. Being soaked in the heavily salted water they do not turn brown on me. My potato soup recipe I have posted before, mmmmmmmm.

These are just diced tossed with oil, Salted and peppered and baked at 400 until done.

At our local market, Last week I found 25 lb red potatoes (which I love) for $2 a bag, I bought 4 bags, So 100# potatoes for $8. I took one bag today and used my new potato/veggie slicer and make 15 sandwhich size bags of french fries. I then made diced potatoes cooked in the oven for potato burritos and my son's fav from taco bell, Cheesy fiesta potatoes, Lastly I made up a big pot of potato soup. We will be having the potato soup for dinner, With a salad because I have been craving my ranch dressing Plus I went ahead and matchsticked all my carrots while I had the veggie cutter out. I will also make some buttermilk biscuits and everyone has been bugging me for tapioca pudding.

Tonight I have on my to do list:

Make yogurt-We go through about 6 quarts a week and I am down to 1 left.

I also need to work on my last shopping trip coming up the last week of the month, So I can be completely( I hope) prepared for the NO SPEND month in March!!! I think I am probably already prepared other than powdered milk and regular milk. We have already spent all but $1000 of next months paychecks, In out budget I mean. I think if we can do 3 more NO SPEND months this year, We can have almost all of our bills paid off, With the exception of about $3000 in DR. bills. I am so excited about paying off the bills-Our goal is to pay them off and purchase a piece of land with cash-We can get about 12 acres around here for $6000-$8000. Then as soon as we figure out what kind of house we will build we will start that next year. I am researching straw bale houses( has some ideas), I also like the shipping container houses( We also checked out at the library a couple of books on building your own log cabins. I am more leaning toward the straw bale houses, I love the curved edges inside the houses< href=""> They have such amazing details for house and a chicken coop etc. I really love this blog. We found a few properties that are owner finance that we are gonna go look at in the next few weeks, That would also be an option, Then we could start building sooner rather then later.

Well off to finish up cooking, Happy


Elizabeth said...

t ran across your site and love it...I will be checking back!

Sabrina said...

What exactly is NO SPEND month? You spend nothing except for regular bills? Will you share more? We are trying to get out of debt so that I can be a SAHM! Very interested....

Sabrina said...

One more thing...the potatoes in the baggies, do you freeze them?

frugalredneck said...

Welcome Elizabeth, I am glad you enjoy and glad you are here!!!
Sabrina, I am going to do a post just about the NO SPEND month today, I will explain it all in there. And yes the potatoes in the baggies are then frozen, As long as you soak them in the heavy salted water, they won't turn brown. Michelle

Sabrina said...

Thanks for the potato tip! Our local grocery story often has a 10 pound bag for less than $3. When it's a $2.50 or even $2.00, I need to stock up!

frugalredneck said...

No Problem sabrina, It makes me happier then you can imagine that my little chit chat helps people out, It truly does!!! Michelle