Friday, February 19, 2010

You might be a hippy organic goofball if...

You might be a hippy organic goofball if.....

Your birthday wish list reads......

organic non gmo garden (survival) seeds
A dehydrator
Organic olive oil
2 bags of organic potting mix
organic seed potatoes
4 yards of organic material to make jammies with
2 boxes of Bob's red mill organic flax seed ( I don't know why I like to chew on this stuff)

My birthday is in 5 days, I will be 39, and that is my birthday wish list. Everyone in the family said, Since everything I want is for the family anyway I could have $100 out of the state tax check for my presents. They are also going to fix all the meals that day and clean, I will probably go crazy like all prior years, As they try to keep me in my room and not doing anything. I am allergic to doing nothing!!!! It is not in my nature, I don't even like to sleep, it seems like a waste of time hahaha. Anyway I think it sounds like an awesome birthday and of course I loveeeeeee the presents. My daughter wants me to go to the casino with her, I might. But she gets mad cause I don't want to spend money. I stick in $3 and think gallon of milk...gone. She is making me take $20, Oh well at least I get out of the house for a bit.
Today I have been quite busy, I have felt really tired the last few days and today I feel really good. I organized my kitchen today, And I transplanted most of my seedlings to the organic pots I can stick right in the ground or planter, I also transferred them using the organic potting mix which will feed them for the next month. I made the boys ( which they loveeeeee) yogurt Popsicles, I took my homemade yogurt and mixed them with choc. powder, raspberry jelly and strawberry jelly. Then I poured that mixture into dixie cups and stuck a craft stick in it and froze it. They have gobbled up 3 each so far. I also took apart my downstairs bathroom, It was gross and a mess, A couple nights ago walmart they had all those really neat organizing things a few months back in their ads on clearance. I got the brown striped 24 pair shoe organizer for $6. I really needed that in that bathroom, It is just a closet bathroom and has no storage. It looks all spruced up now. Tonight is the monthly hair cutting for the boys, Last month for free at Walgreens, I got the Chopper 2 in 1 styler for free using a $5 off coupon and register rewards. So I am excited to see how their comes out. My oldest son also wants me to do his hair.
Tomorrow my oldest son is taking me to a huge consignment mall in the next town over, Just him and I, I can't wait, Get ready for pics of the great stuff I find!!!! Have a great weekend all, Michelle


Scottish Twins said...

Happy Early Birthday! I would enjoy those gifts too!

I got my dad a survival seed bank for Christmas! What a great gift.

frugalredneck said...

I have wanted the survival seeds for quite some time, Did he get the 100 year can with his that is pest and rodent protected, I would be soooo jealous lol Thank you so much for the Early birthday wish.

Elizabeth said...

I can't wait to see what you find at the consignment sale!