Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Can you say HORMONAL

Holy moly guacamole!!!! Although the nausea was doable today although still 24/7 it was not debilitating, I am extremely hormonal. Every little tiny miniscule thing bugged the heck out of me. I need a serious reality check. Sheesh I can't even stand myself I certainly can't imagine anyone else can. I am trying to notice them before they happen but they just burst out. I cried 4 darn times today!!! And I think I screamed 20!! Oh the joys of hormones rushing through every ounce of your body. Thank goodness everyone here knows it does pass fairly quickly. Just a few short weeks away and I will just cry at every commercial on T.V. Thank goodness I only watch 1 hour a day. I have alot of guilt over today, I really was monstrous with my emotions. I will have to apologize to everyone tomorrow and I will. And try really hard to keep things in line best I can for the next few weeks. I am hoping that if the vommiting and nausea keep up they will put me on some anti nausea medication again. The last two pregnancies they admitted they waited too long and I ended up in the ER several times for dehydration. I sometimes think that led to the prematurities. I am going to stay on top of it this time and see if we can't get this baby to term. My preemies were fine and they were not micropreemies and did not require any additional hospitalization, But still. Well I am going to go and write some things out for tomorrow to remind me when the monster comes popping out to pull it back in. I hate being ugly. Have a sane night, Michelle


MoDLin said...

I remember the alien invasion like it was yesterday. I moved out and some fire breathing, nasty mouthed, cry baby showed up! Despite appearances, everyone knew it wasn't me, not the real me, and fortunately before they got to the intervention stage I returned. Phew! Hang in there. You'll wander home one of these days.

frugalredneck said...

It certainly does not help having this 24/7 nausea so bad. Hubby did go today and get me some preggo pops, Which work well, I just have to keep poppin em lol. I will return and having already had 6 I have been hearing whispers ( which make me laugh a little) around the house of hormones and normal hahaha. Michelle