Monday, February 8, 2010


I stumbled upon this video the other night, I was searching the documentaries on netflix, I love documentaries!!! I saw this one called Food Inc. I watched it, And I was horrified. I have been contemplating organic for some time, The price always set me back. I was watching the kids play a little bit after watching the movie, And I started thinking about all the ways we all waste money every month, I have been thinking about this anyway hence the NO SPEND next month. We waste alot on stupid frivolous things. I went to walmart last night. I took my grocery money for the two weeks, $200. I spent $150 of it. It was hard to find organic fruits and veggies mainly because I learned from the movie it is just not natural to have fresh fruits and veggies during the winter. Which is why a canner is on my list for this summer, So I can can our garden this year. Back to the organic. I did find milk, cauliflower, broccoli, juices etc. I definitely found less and got way less in my cart then a coupon/sales trip, But I felt better then a regular grocery trip. Alot better. I felt like buying organic could really help the twins and their adhd, What if buying organic helped to get them off their horrible medications?? This alone would be worth it. I found some places online to purchase organic stuff in bulk at fairly decent prices. I would most definitely need to take trips down to Tulsa, Ok to Whole Foods maybe every two months. I have found a few organic farms down by Tulsa also, Where I can get grass fed beef, and other organics. Since reducing what we eat in the past couple of years I think that this is doable, Financially. We have cut our eating in half. Just cutting in half has helped all of us lose weight. All of us except the 3 little ones are overweight, But losing as we eat better and less. I am going to purchase organic seeds next shopping trip. I have some organic seeds, But most are just cheapy ones, $1 a package, And organic seeds are $2 a package. If you don't have netflix you can watch Food Inc. on . Happy organic eating!! Michelle


Scottish Twins said...

Eating organic can be a lot cheaper if you avoid the processed organic foods in the grocery store. Also, avoid (like you said) out of season produce, because it is nutritionally inferior and also costs more out of season. If you are going to buy out of season, buy frozen - it's way cheaper and better for you, because it is usually picked when it is ripe.

Organic milk really bothers me. A lot of the brands that are in big chain stores aren't completely organic and are also ultra-pasteurized. The more a product is pasteurized, the worse it is for you. Not only does the heat kill the bad bacteria, but also all of the nutrients.

If you look at the store, you can usually find non-organic brands that aren't ultre-pasteurized and that also do not contain hormones or antibiotics. When we run out of raw milk, that is what we usually buy.

I have a health blog too - that talks a lot about healthy eating. It can be done for very little money if you do what you said - grow a garden and can/freeze for the winter months.

You are so right, though - if we stop wasting money on all of the stupid stuff we purchase everyday, we can make room in our budgets to give our families quality food. It always bothers me when people tell me they can't afford to eat organic. I want to tell them that if they stopped eating out everyday and getting expensive coffees on their way to work, they would be able to afford it. It requires more preparation, but you can't put a price on your health!

momtoqts said...

Michelle - Thanks for the tip on the video. I try and take balance in all that I do. At one time, I used to be a heavy couponer until I realized that much of what I got was just junk. There were still a few things that were good deals, but for the most part, what I could get for nearly free wasn't worth getting at all.

I have since just concentrated on buying the best I can and cooking mostly from scratch. This alone will do a lot for your families long term health. Baking whole wheat bread is a good place to start too.

Just go slow and add a new thing at a time. I've been able to spend the same amount of money but not feel like I have slighted my kids.

Good luck and keep posting! I love to hear of little successes. It keeps me motivated :)

Blessings, Nicole

Shaunta said...

Oh boy. I watched this movie right after I put the most beautiful pork ribs in my slow cooker. I dug out the wrapper and realized they were Smithfield ribs. I couldn't make myself eat them. That movie is so eyeopening, and I think it's because it's not preachy. It just's what happens.

I don't have organic produce available to me for the most part. But there are lots of fruits and veggies available in the winter. Apples and oranges are winter fruit. Cabbage, potatoes, winter squash...and these all store really well.

frugalredneck said...

Wow Scottish Twins I am heading over to your blog, You hit the nail on the head!!! i am really worried about milk I bought. I did not even look I just assumed it said organic, And good grief I know better. I am gonna have to do some checking on that, Going to your blog now!!!!

momtoqts, I do bake my own whole wheat bread, But every once in awhile when things are crazy and I have none made, Hubby will pick pick up a loaf at the store, and I feel exactly like I have slighted my children, and the same with the coupons. I refrained from buying the sunday papers this past sunday, I normally would have bought 6 copies totalling $12.00, I looked at it in a new light, Instead of what I could have gotten for little or free, I had $12 more dollars to spend on good food, or up to $48 every month!!!! THanks so much.

Shaunta, I am rolling on the floor, Only because I went to the store last night with my daughter and and was just about green looking at the smithfield and the tyson, I have erased all my little 30 or so "resolutions" for this year and I have made one goal, Buying organic, buying better. My curiosity over us feeling better having more energy etc. has gotten me, I WANT TO KNOW!!!! Michelle

SarahLynne said...

I don't remember if you know that we have a local food buying club? Sells all kinds of organic. You order monthly and a truck comes and we divide it all up. Just FYI. Deanna from Mitchel Family Farms maybe she told you?